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Launch dates back to 1990 - the company operated under the name "KIST" (named for the initials of the names of co-workers) in Niebieszczany near Sanok.

Under the name "DREWEX" The company started operations in 1992 From the beginning, dealt with the processing of wood, mainly beech and oak, and softwoods. Production consisted of partial wiping material for large-sized (lumber, laths, beams) without drying materials in the dryer. The company supplied the furniture industry, and manufacturers of chairs and parquet floors.

After the transfer to Tyrawa Wołoska near Sanok in 1997 (after buying the property from SKR), the plant continued to produce, specializing in steamed blanks, lumber beech, oak, intended for export to major companies producing floorboards in Sweden (Tarkett) and Finland (Upofloor).

In 2003, the owner of the allocated funds for the purchase of capital production line for parquet and floor boards made of solid wood. It turned out that it was a hit with the investment, because the demand for these products was very big and DREWEX could fill this gap, becoming a major manufacturer and supplier in the domestic and foreign markets (mainly Germany). Some w / w of vestment was the result of grant of PARP

Note, however, that the maintenance and care is an essential part of maintaining the properties, charm and beauty of hardwood flooring.

The production of secondary plant producing firewood around 3000 m3 / year and charcoal about 2000 t / year. The company employs 100 people in direct production. By 2006, the plant exported to European markets approximately 85% of production. He collaborated with many sawmills, furniture and flooring factories, mainly in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland) and in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and France. During this period, the plant imported goods 20-30 semi-monthly and exported and sold on the domestic market of about 30 loads per month. Department parquet floors and produce a small amount of about 5000 m2 / month prolapsed material from the production of semi-finished exports.

Observing the changes in the market - reducing orders for intermediate goods, fluctuating exchange rates significantly in 2005 began planning new investments - start line for producing solid wood floors "antiqued", and glued laminated flooring and skirting boards which allow the expansion of the product range and the development of semi-dropped by the production of flooring. At the same time increased marketing efforts in order to find new customers for flooring ready to be finished by the end customer. This has resulted in market entry Holland, England, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain also partially finished floors.

Strong demand resulted in the sale area in the 2007 - 2009 went down to 12 loads, whole a month (~ 24,000 m2). To this end, rebuilt in 2006 and modernized hall and purchased the sawmill to secure the continuity of the preparation of semi-finished and in 2009 installed the machine for cutting boards on the discs / plies used for bonding laminated flooring freeing themselves from their suppliers.

In 2005, the reconstructed boiler with a new one equipped with an automatic waste incineration unit. This investment secures the plant in the heat for space heating and drying facilities. The coming crisis, however, has given up already felt in the collapse of the building materials market, including the floors.

Therefore, the revised assumptions on production and invest in new equipment in 2009, began production floor completely finished the customer's order.

Currently, in order to meet the tastes of our customers, 16 of the floor models in three-four collections. Surplus production of semi-finished products (fins / veneers) are sold to manufacturers of laminated flooring: Balticwood, Barlinek Plant Gajewski, and one of the Japanese companies (during interviews and tests).


Note, however, that the maintenance and care is an essential part of maintaining the properties, charm and beauty of hardwood flooring.

Changes in the market area have forced new investments in the form of two new production halls and hall floor finishing oil or varnish and reconstruction and adaptation of premises to current needs. The main hall of the resulting objects in addition to the preparation of blanks - (glue line and presses) and the final pre-treatment (for cutting saws, grinders, planers and machines), the magazine of wood materials for the production and storage of finished materials, saws and tools, own showroom products. The plant has a full stock of machines to the / operation (including dryers with a capacity of 800 m3 ) and own transportation specialist for the export of wood (2 x vehicles) and shipping of products (4 x sets of trucks) and maintenance - production supply (2 x vehicles).

All the remaining valuable timber - the waste is utilized in the plant by the burning of sawdust and wood waste in transfer lines - waste combustors to heat production and office space and the use of thermal energy in drying chambers. Waste undeveloped above / in the system are processed into charcoal during the dry distillation of wood.

In the past period, the plant opened two retail stores (Silesia, Warsaw), which helps to promote products. Since 2006, the company is exposed to, either directly or through traders fairs (including 2007 in Katowice, Sosnowiec Sibex 2010 - where one of the products - floor / model "Marrone" received an honourable.)



Since its establishment committed to the best representation of the region and the country. We are constantly improving the quality of products and adapts to the needs of the market, as well as individual clients. As the largest employer in the community and one of the largest in the county and the region (in the area) plays an important role in the elimination of unemployment. Environmental protection is one of the most important tasks of the business.

In 2000, the company has received prestigious international certificate of custody, which is a testimony that the manufactured products derived exclusively from raw material obtained from rationally exploited forest resources - it allowed a significant increase in sales to the demanding foreign markets (in 2005 certificate is not renewed because of the high cost of oil transport from the Regional Directorate of State Forests certified forest owners - unfortunately still did not loom RDLP forest certification).Despite everything, the company filed an application in 2011 for re-certification.

In 2002 The company received the award entitled "Company of the Year of the Earth Sanok" and in 2008 received a confirmation of belonging to the Business Gazelle Club. In its activities, the plant uses all possible means to get the best quality with the help of experts in the field of wood processing (Institute of Wood Technology) or expertise (e.g. Quality Research Center - Lubin, AGH University in Krakow).


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