Solid oak flooring

Solid wood flooring is a good and lasting investment for years to come. After years of use, it can be oiled or varnished will look like new. The Polish traditional-style homes floor is the most obvious choice. It works well in a modern interior combined with high-grade steel and glass, in a cool, austere room creates a warm, atmosphere.

Choosing our parquet pay attention only to look, because it meets the technical requirements without reservation. Deciding on the class floor can not forget that the selection of top-class wood of the same drawing may deprive the floor clarity and natural look. Looking for a traditional solid wood parquet planks slats in length from 250 to 500 mm, a width of 50 to 70 mm, a thickness of 22 mm.

Note, however, that the maintenance and care is an essential part of maintaining the properties, charm and beauty of hardwood flooring.

It has good thermal insulation, acoustic and universal application. It can be installed on any surface (with underfloor heating) in different patterns, and with high thickness can be repeatedly renewed.

The sale of solid parquet in classes I / II / III and ECO in the prices of wood based panels.

Solid oak flooring

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